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Advertising balloons

There is no need to deceive yourself, but stationary advertising balloons are not the most popular way to advertise your own company or services. And this is interesting, because such ads have many advantages that are worth getting acquainted with. What advantages does such a solution have?

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Foil balloons with full color CMYK print

Heart, circle or star foil balloons with CMYK print (full color)

Latex balloons with up to 8 colors screen printing

Latex balloon with print made by screen printing up to 8 colors.

Latex balloons with full color CMYK print

Latex balloon with CMYK print (full color)

Ad size
An advertising balloon is a very large object that quite naturally catches the eye of people. Due to the height, which reaches up to 12 meters, such balloons are easy to spot, even when we are standing in a crowd. Appropriate dimensions and a well-matched color will make our balloon a kind of signpost in crowded places, where people will meet. Such action will make them remember it well, and the road from this to acquiring a customer is really short.
Low price
Renting a large advertising space or printing a banner is a high cost. Compared to these methods of promotion, advertising balloons are quite cheap. They can be used for a long time, and the large logo of our company or vivid colors will positively affect the effectiveness of advertising.
Easy transport and assembly
After assembly, advertising balloons are really small and quite light, and their assembly is so simple that we can do it ourselves. When dealing with large banners, the help of the assembly team is necessary. How does the advertising balloon unfold? It’s so simple! All you need to do is place it in a given place and connect the fan, after about a minute the whole thing will be ready.
Leaflets or other paper products are a very common way of advertising given products. During various festivals or fairs, people receive such leaflets, and then usually just throw them away. A much more ecological solution is an advertising balloon, which is not only better for our environment, but will also serve us for many years.
Advertising balloons are a solution that has a number of advantages. They work well during all events, catch the eye, are easy to install and very durable.