Accessories for balloons

Sticks and valves

Balloon closures

Balloon ribbon 450m

Garland tape 5m

Balloon stand 2.1 m high (40 balloons)

Balloon stand 1.6 m high (30 balloons)

Balloon stand for 3 balloons

Balloon stand for 1 balloon

Balloon weight 150g

Balloon weight 26g

Net for releasing balloons (500 pieces)

Net for star and heart shaped balloons

Manual pump for balloons

Electric pump BEP 505

Electric pump BEP 508

Electric pump BP 003

Electric pump BP 004

Premium electric pump

Zibi electric pump

Valves for helium cylinders

Disposable helium bottle. Capacity to fill 30 pieces of 9 “balloons

Disposable helium bottle. Capacity to fill 50 pieces of 9 “balloons

Balloon gel 0.47l with pump

Balloon gel 0.85l without a pump

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