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Foil balloons with CMYK print

Advertising balloons

Foil balloons with CMYK print (full color) in the shape of a heart, circle or star.
Stylish design and durability guarantee. The widest selection on the market and instant delivery times.


What makes foil balloons different?

Foil balloons are an increasingly popular form of gadget or decoration – perfect for an outdoor event, occasional or business event. It is a guarantee of quality and durability in maintaining air – in standard room conditions, they can last up to two weeks, maintaining their shape and great aesthetics.

The balloons are distinguished primarily by the material they are made of – the foil is a stylish and more aesthetic material compared to latex, thanks to which the decorations are elegant and more prestigious.
Our offer is also distinguished by the choice of shapes and their universal use. Every day we fulfill orders for round, triangular or heart-shaped balloons in many color variants that can accompany you during business events, birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

In addition, thanks to the printing we make, the foil balloon can be used as a carrier or advertising gadget during any type of event or celebration. Thanks to our own machine park and innovative decoration technology, we are able to respond to the most sophisticated needs regarding the type of balloons, the type of printing and the deadline for their implementation. All our products meet all safety and EU standards.

For over 25 years of existence, we have made hundreds of thousands of balloons, often serving the most important sports or cultural events in Poland and around the world.
We have the necessary experience in the implementation of the most unusual orders, so if you still have doubts whether the product is for you, please contact us. Our sales department is always at your disposal

How is the production technology of foil balloons?

The material from which the balloons are made

balloon foil

Printing field of foil balloons

up to 80% of the surface

Printing technology


Number of colors

full color

Time limit for completion

from 2 business days*