Air-tight advertising

Gas-tight balls

Gas-tight balls are unusual promotional media with a spectacular diameter, which works well during outdoor events such as running or car rallies.

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Product information

It does not require 220V

Fast assembly

Convenient transport bag

What is the use of gas-tight balls?

By organizing events, you try to surprise both your client and his guests?
Our product can help you with this. Bet on custom advertising media and select advertising balls, made of the highest quality materials – polyurethane with a weight of 300 g / sqm and polyester fabric, coated with a weight of 220-297 g / sqm.

The set includes:

√ set of fastening cables √ herring √ hammer √ transport bag √ instruction manual √ warranty √ electric pump √ repair kit


~ LED lighting ~ hand pump ~ twilight camera

Production technology


the internal material – polyurethane having a basis weight of 300 g / m2
the external material – coated polyester fabric with a  basis weight of 220-297 g / m2

Print technology:

solvent printing

Colour scheme of the print:

full color

Delivery time:

from 3 business days

What sizes are available?
Diameter1,8 m; 2 m; 2,5 m; 3 m; 3,5 m; 4 m3 m; 3,5 m; 4 m; 5 m; 6 m

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