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Complaints and returns

Complaints, warranty and liability
1) The customer is obliged to check the quantity and quality of the product at the time of its receipt. The seller is liable to the customer only for those product defects that he was unable to discover during the examination. By signing the bill of lading, the Customer confirms the Seller’s fulfillment of its service (delivery of a product free from visible defects). In the event that the parcel arrives damaged, the Customer is obliged to draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier and submit it to the Seller and the carrier, under pain of not accepting the complaint.
2) Any complaints and comments regarding product defects that the Customer was unable to discover during the examination indicated in point 1:
a) should be reported in writing, no later than 7 days from the date of contract performance, with reference to the VAT invoice number or WZ document regarding the advertised order.
b) should contain a detailed description of the non-compliance and the reason for the complaint, under pain of losing the right to report or invoke any reservations regarding the delivered products. Along with the complaint, the customer should deliver the defective product to which the complaint relates in the amount specified in the complaint letter, which is the basis for starting the complaint process.
3) The following are not considered defects and do not constitute grounds for a complaint:
a) slight color differences between the delivered Goods and their image displayed on the Customer’s monitor, which may result from the fact that different types of monitors may distort the actual colors, as well as slight color differences resulting from the methods of color conversion or sampling (in the case of exceptional requirements related to color matching, we offer a color sample for PLN 50 net)
b) slight inaccuracies or micro specks on the surface of the print on the Goods (glass, plexiglass), provided that they are invisible from a distance of at least twice the diagonal of the print (applies to UV prints on glass and flat materials)
c) slight deviations of the dimensions of the Goods from the dimensions sent by the Customer, with the reservation that the permissible tolerance range is +/- 3 mm (glass)
d) slight damage to the cut, caused during cutting the foil
e) slight differences (up to 1%) in the dimensions of finished products
f) welds and joining of 2 or more parts of banners and nets, one of whose dimensions exceeds the width of the roll from which it was printed
g) bridging overprints on foils text editor
4) The customer loses the right to submit complaints and warranty claims, if granted, in the event of:
• failure to follow the assembly instructions
• any interference with the finished product
• mechanically damaged product
• prints glued with a layer of foil (print on glass) exposed to strong daylight
5) The Seller informs in particular that in the case of glass assembly, only mirror and glass adhesives should be used (without solvents and isocyanates); glass panels are glued directly to the leveled surface. Do not apply the glue too close to the edge so that it does not flow out when pressing. All prints made using UV printing, wrapped in stretch foil, should be unpacked within two days of receiving them. Too long storage of goods packed in such a way may cause water to get under the print as a result of increased humidity, which may cause it to burn or fall off.
6) In the event of replacing defective Goods with defect-free Goods, the Seller does not guarantee that the reprint will be identical. Due to the characteristics of the technological process and the variable parameters of the machines, the Seller cannot guarantee a repeated printout of the same element in a perfectly reproduced color and with a perfectly reproduced continuation of the pattern.
7) Shortcomings or defects concerning a part of the order do not entitle to a complaint of the whole order and do not exclude the obligation to pay for the completed order.
8) The customer may not refuse to accept the service in the event of insignificant defects, i.e. not affecting the possibility of proper use of the product and its functionality, and slightly affecting the aesthetics. Complaints regarding the colors will be considered only in the case of providing a color pattern and only in exceptionally glaring cases, in particular we would like to point out that the colors of projects on uncalibrated monitors may significantly differ from the final effect. In the event of insignificant defects, the Customer is entitled only to
a claim for an appropriate reduction of remuneration by a value in the range of 1 to 15%, depending on the type of defect and the number of elements affected by the defect.
9) The seller is responsible for the quality of the product (print) only if the materials sent by the customer meet the technical parameters specified in the attachment. The Customer acknowledges that the quality of the product (print) depends on the quality of the materials provided by him, and the Seller offers large-format printing, not digital, and the quality of the print is limited by the technology possessed,
files from which the print is made, material.
10) The Seller is not responsible for any content and form of the product if they were sent by the Customer or accepted by the Customer in the visualization (project) presented to him.
11) Starting the use of the service by the Customer, in particular the use or dissemination of products created by the Seller, is treated as acceptance of the service without reservations, unless the parties agree otherwise in a specific case.
12) The Seller’s liability for non-performance or improper performance of the contract concluded on the basis of the Order is limited to the net value of the given Order. This limitation does not apply to cases where the damage was caused intentionally. Seller’s liability shall in no event include loss of profits or replacement performance costs.
13) In the resulting scope, the Seller’s liability under the warranty is excluded.
14) Individual products may be covered by a warranty under the conditions specified in a separate document. The warranty applies only if the user manual and recommendations for a given product are followed and does not cover any defects or faults related to incorrect use or natural wear and tear.
15) If the goods are delivered to the Customer by a transport company (external subcontractor), the responsibility for the delivery of the shipment is transferred to the carrier and any claims for non-delivery of the shipment or damage caused during transport by the Customer should be directed to the subcontractor. Procedures as in point 1) of this Chapter.