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Pneumatic advertising

An interesting carrier of marketing content is a great way to attract potential customers. In our offer you will find a wide selection of inflatable advertisements that can be placed anywhere, practically without any restrictions. Placed in front of the company’s headquarters or shop, they will serve as an effective showcase, but they will also prove to be an interesting promotion at an industry picnic or exhibition fair. Their eye-catching form does not allow you to pass by the stand indifferently, affecting the positive image of the brand. They will also serve as a nice decoration, emphasizing the company’s commitment and care for high quality service.

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Pneumatic balloons

A pneumatic balloon is a spectacular form of advertising, recommended for companies and brands that want to effectively mark their presence during outdoor events.

Pneumatic gates

The pneumatic air gate with the logotype of the organizer, sponsors and media patrons is a must for every sporting event.

Poles, pneumatic bags

Pneumatic poles and bags are an easy and effective way to display the colors and name of your brand or product during an outdoor promotional event.

Pneumatic screens

Pneumatic screen is a multifunctional information carrier that can be successfully used as an inflatable advertising screen or as a mobile screen in holiday outdoor cinemas.

Other shapes

Attract customers’ eyes with inflatable dummy products on a macro scale.

Advertising wobbles

Wobbling is more than just a dynamic advertising medium. This is a guarantee of effective reaching the recipient.

Pneumatic tent

The inflatable tent is an attractive point of stationary customer service, perfect for outdoor events, during which constant access to electricity is ensured.

Rack tents

The rack tent is a functional solution that ensures stability as well as quick and easy assembly.

The inflatable advertisements we offer turn out to be extremely easy to assemble – all you need to set them up are the accessories included in the set: a compressor, a set of lines and pegs, as well as a user manual and an appropriate source of energy. Constant pressure, gas-tight or helium advertising does not need a constant power supply. Currently, gas-tight products, i.e. inflatable advertising in a shape adapted to the nature of the business, are very popular. We are able to prepare, among others, dummies of manufactured items or hallmarks of a given brand – cars, cans, figures of animals or characters. Our service includes designing and creating an inflatable advertisement for you, or printing on one of the available shapes – a pole, a bag, a gate or a pneumatic balloon. We also offer attractive one- and two-legged windmans, i.e. wobbles that dynamically move in the wind attract the attention of visitors during outdoor events.
The pillar of our activity is the conscientious implementation of your vision, which consists of care for the high quality of the materials used, taking into account the expectations of our customers and solid workmanship. At work, we focus on high-quality materials, such as polyester fabric coated with PVC material resistant to changing weather conditions, and innovative technologies. At the customer’s request, the inflatable advertisement can be additionally equipped with LED lighting and a twilight camera and thus promote activity around the clock.
We encourage you to contact us and take advantage of the offer for unusual inflatable advertisements.