Pneumatic advertising

Pneumatic balloon

A pneumatic balloon is a spectacular form of advertising, recommended to companies and brands that want to mark effectively  their presence during outdoor events.

Balon pneumatyczny | Grupa LUXPOL | Tychy | 25 lat doświadczenia!

Shapes of pneumatic balloons

Balon pneumatyczny żarówka | wzór | Grupa LUXPOL | Tychy | 25 lat doświadczenia!

lightbulb -shaped balloon

Balon pneumatyczny z talią | wzór | Grupa LUXPOL | Tychy | 25 lat doświadczenia!

balloon with a sated base

Balon pneumatyczny bez talii | wzór | Grupa LUXPOL | Tychy | 25 lat doświadczenia!

raindrop-shaped balloon

Balon pneumatyczny kula | wzór | Grupa LUXPOL | Tychy | 25 lat doświadczenia!

spherical balloon ( balloon ball)


Requires 220V

Compressor included

LED lighting included

Fast assembly

Convenient transport bag

Application of pneumatic balloons

Pneumatic balloons are a golden promotional standard, used during mass outdoor events such as concerts, festivals or sports events. Their shape, size and versatile application allows for effective promotion of the brand or product, regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

The set includes:

√ compressor √ LED lighting √ set of fastening cables √ pegs √ travel bag √ warranty √ instruction manual


~ Wooden base ~ twilight camera ~ trimming  the advertising belt with Velcro

What are the balloons produced from?


PVC coated polyester fabric with a basis weight of 260 g / m2

Print area

up to 100%

Print technology

solvent printing / sublimation printing

Colouring of the print

full color

Delivery time

from 3 business days

What sizes are available?
Height3 m4 m8 m
Diameter2,10 m3,10 m6,20 m
Diameter of the base1,15 m1,40 m2,80 m
The height of the advertising belt1,10 m1,25 m2,40 m
Advertising space7,25 m211,7 m246,7 m2


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