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Pallet wrapper

Pallet wrapper in a standardized Euro pallet, i.e. 120 cm x 80 cm, is a solution enabling the construction of easy-to-transport product stands.

Owijka paletowa POS | Grupa Luxpol | Tychy | Ponad 25 lat doświadczenia

Types of wrappers

Owijka paletowa kartonowa prosta | Grupa Luxpol | Tychy | Ponad 25 lat doświadczenia

simple wrapping

Owijka paletowa kartonowa wyspa | Grupa Luxpol | Tychy | Ponad 25 lat doświadczenia

pallet island

Product information

What distinguishes pallet wrappers?

Advertising wrappers are a popular cardboard product dedicated to large-format facilities and supermarkets. Thanks to the standardized size, ie 120 cm x 80 cm, they are intended for the construction of product stands that are fast transportable, based on a wooden pallet. Our cardboard wrappers can be found in many nationwide retail chains, where they effectively support the presentation of the offered products.

What are the wrappers produced from?


corrugated  EB cardboard EB

Print area:

up to 100%

Colouring of the print:

full color



Delivery time:

from 3 business days

What does the order process look like?



The product preparation process is always started by recognizing the needs and setting guidelines for the design, i.e. the colour, shape, material, size, volume or planned quantity.



Basic information is sent to the designer who carries out the initial concept and presents it to the client. On the basis of the approved design, a demo version is made.



The computer project goes through the process of re-enactment and calculations. The constructor checks the planned connections, loads and durability of the entire structure.



The possibility of UV printing, or hardening the ink with UV rays, allows us to place high-quality graphics and colors, while maintaining high resistance to destruction.



To give the final look and protect all surfaces against weather conditions, laminating is performed. This process also allows protection against mechanical damage.



Next, we perform creasing and folding of cut elements. All components of the structure must match each other perfectly so that they do not cause any problems during use.



Thanks to the use of the most modern machines, we are able to provide high quality finishes. Precision of the individual elements' performance affects the ease of assembly and durability of the entire structure.



We secure the finished elements of the construction, we pack and send to the indicated address. It is also important that the design of the entire structure assumes that individual elements will be transported cyclically and in various ways.

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