UV Printing

UV printing is one of the more modern forms of printing, which is why many companies and individual clients decide to take advantage of this interesting opportunity. During the implementation of this type of processes, both special inks (they are liquid polymers), but also an LED lamp are used.

Many years of experience and modern machinery park allow us to provide a carefully made product, speed of implementation and the highest quality. Regardless of the amount and complexity of implementation.
We carry out even the most complex and unusual orders within large format printing.


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UV Printing

The secret of success is the correct installation of such a lamp, it must be in close proximity to the printhead. Thanks to this, prints will be transparent and error-free.

By using UV printing, you can print many different elements, including:

  • glass materials,
  • PVC boards,
  • plates made of polypropylene,
  • furniture boards,
  • sandwich panels,
  • cardboard. </ Li>


The liquid polymer that is applied to individual layers cures after some time. A very thin print layer remains on the surface, as a result of this type of operation, depending on your preferences. It is colorful, with an admixture of durable plastic.

The biggest advantages of UV printing

UV printing is gaining sympathy among a wide audience mainly because it is very aesthetic, durable and resistant to blurring. In addition, it is characterized by exceptional quality and a large selection of materials for printing. Thus, it is a universal printing option, depending mainly on what you want to use the printed surface for. Typically, individual clients or companies do this for advertising purposes. An additional advantage of UV prints is that they are very resistant to all types of damage. I am talking here first of all about not very favorable weather conditions, as we know, the weather sometimes likes to change every few minutes.

UV prints do not require any additional protection from those interested, e.g. in the form of varnish or protective laminates. This is completely unnecessary. Colors reproduced on UV prints are very vivid and realistic, which is why every person who decides on this type of undertaking will certainly be satisfied with the final results obtained. Such prints are used in many offices, hotels or shopping centers.

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