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Advertising flags

Advertising flags

Advertising, event, national, city or club flags, printed on polyester material with a weight of 115 g / m2 and 130 g / m2.

Flaga reklamowa

Prestige and greater brand presence

Advertising flags are a spectacular advertising solution that raises the prestige of any activity, often found at developers’ sales offices, car dealerships or company headquarters.
It is also a classic carrier of national, urban or sports colors.

We offer the highest quality flags for advertising, event, national, urban or club purposes, made of polyester material with a weight of 115 g / m2 and 130 g / m2. The flag material used in production is resistant to weather conditions, which ensures its durability.

We produce fully finished advertising flags sewn around with a strong seam or sailing thread. Depending on the needs, we offer additional forms of finish on the mast side, i.e.

  • reinforcing tape with carabiners sewn in as standard every 50 cm,
  • instead of carabiners, we offer steel eyes, the so-called grommets,
  • optional upper sleeve (tunnel) for the horizontal crossbar of the mast (windtracker).

Production technology


polyester fabric 115 g/m2 and 130 g/m2

Print area

up to 100%

Printing technology

sublimation printing

Print colors

CMYK / Full color

Order processing time

Approx. 3 business days

The first impression is crucial in the reception of what we see. Advertising flags are a kind of reference points, thanks to which you can get the first information about a given place, company, office, showroom or point of sale. First of all, it is a nod to the client, a prelude to the fact that he will be treated subjectively. This does not only apply to the economic and commercial zone – flags are an excellent form of showing elements of culture, nationality and tradition. Present at all cultural, sports, political and economic events. One carrier on many levels. Advertising for the company, promotion for the region, reference to tradition, information for tourists and customers.

The possibility of implementing your own project on a solid and durable medium, which at the same time can become an advertisement and the first form of information about a place or company, is the best form of promotion. A few of the most important marketing elements enclosed in one piece of material. The flags offered by the LUXPOL Group are addressed to people who want to frame events, sports and cultural events in a sophisticated and effective way, or to advertise their activities. The high-quality material, whose grammage is 130g/m² and 115g/m², is made of polyester, which is resistant to moisture, low and high temperatures and other weather conditions. Prints are offered in one or two-sided form. All prints on the flags are made in sublimation printing technology, so there is no fear of the flag fading after some time. The number of colors and shapes to choose from is unlimited. The freedom and scope of possibilities means that the flag with the logo can attract attention more than many verbal messages. After all, nowadays people buy with their eyes. Flags emphasize the prestige of the company, give it a taste and style, as well as a sense for the client that he is dealing with professionals.

The offered flags are prepared comprehensively, i.e. depending on the place, they can be hemmed with standard carabiners every 50 cm. Otherwise, we offer grommets, i.e. steel eyelets that will facilitate installation on the mast. You can also use the upper sleeve if the crossbar on the mast is horizontal. Our technology allows you to freely form shapes and fasteners, so no mast will be left unused. We also offer systems of fasteners, screws and necessary accessories for assembly. The highest quality of materials, ergonomics and style are the components that make our flags the right choice for people who want to have 3 in 1 – advertising, prestige and a sense of durability of the material and reliability of the contractor.