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Gas-tight advertising

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Słupy stałociśnieniowe

Gas-tight poles

A gas-tight pole is a distinctive advertising medium that will effectively attract attention and present your brand.

Bramy stałociśnieniowe

Gas-tight gates

At the starting gate, you will effectively present the name and logos of the organizers, sponsors or media patrons of sports competitions.

Atrapy produktów

Dummy products

Dummy products are not only unique information carriers. It is an effective way to present, attracting what is most important … the attention of your customers.

Namioty stałociśniowe

Gas-tight tents

A constant pressure tent is a functional customer service point and an effective advertising medium used during outdoor events.

Namiot Sinus

Sinus tent

The Sinus constant pressure tent is a unique format of an outdoor service point and, at the same time, an effective advertising medium.

Meble stałociśnieniowe

Gas-tight furniture

Inflatable pillows, poufs or armchairs will spice up any event and help your brand be remembered.