Large format printing

Large-format printing is one of the most important production areas in the LUXPOL Group. We provide a very wide selection of materials including advertising banners, posters, large-area meshes, films and advanced printing technologies, ie sublimation, solvent and UV printing.

Many years of experience and modern machinery park allow us to provide a carefully made product, speed of implementation and the highest quality regardless of the amount and complexity of implementation. We make even the most complicated and unusual orders within large format printing.


Highest quality and print saturation


Fast turnaround time


Graphic design studio

Solvent printing

Solvent printing is a technology that is applicable to all large-format printouts for external use, i.e. banners, films and other, exposed to constant weather conditions. Thanks to the durability of solvent inks, prints are resistant to sunlight, rain or snow.

In solvent technology, we make:

  • Frontlit banner (laminate).
  • Frontlit coated banner.
  • Blockout banner.
  • B1 laminated grid.
  • Monomeric foil.
  • Transparent foil.
  • Backlit foil.
  • Polymer foil.
  • Folia polimerowa.
  • OWV foil (window).
  • Polycanvas (canvas imitation).
  • Blue back side (billboard) paper.

UV printing

The UV printing technology involves the simultaneous use of a special ink (liquid polymers) and LED lamps installed just next to the printheads. UV radiation initiates the polymerization process of the printed ink, and thus the liquid polymer cures, leaving a thin layer of coloured and durable plastic on the surface of the material.

UV printing technology, allows you to print the following materials:

  • Glass
  • Furniture panel (MDF)
  • HIPS in a standard format.
  • Foamed PVC plates.
  • Hard PVC panels.
  • PMMA standard boards – Plexi.
  • TU-BOND boards.
  • Polypropylene tubular plates.
  • TUSAND sandwich panels.

Sublimation printing (dispersion)

Printing technique based on the phenomenon of sublimation. The printout is made with special inks on transfer paper, and then, under high pressure and temperature, it is transferred to the object covered with polyester varnish.

Our offer includes prints on:

  • Polyester fabrics.
  • Flagship fabric.
  • Decorative materials.
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