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Latex balloons with screen printing

Advertising balloons

Latex balloons with screen printing (up to 8 colors) in the widest offer on the market. We carry out standard and the most unusual orders.

Balloon information

A latex balloon with a print, an indispensable element of every event.

The list of places and events where printed latex balloons will be used is practically endless – sports events, trade fairs, conferences and special events are just some of them. Balloons are an almost inseparable decorative element of any jubilee, sports or business events.

Our permanent offer includes 5 sizes of balloons ranging from 10″ / 25 cm to 36″ / 90 cm and the widest selection of colors on the market (three categories: pastel, metallic, crystal), available in a total of over sixty shades.

If you are looking for balloons for a birthday, name day or wedding anniversary, choose a ready-made decoration proposal – we have our own base of standard occasional decorations.

For over 25 years of dynamic development, we have developed the position of a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of advertising balloons and many additional accessories, e.g. sticks, plugs, advertising nets or stands.

Thanks to our own, advanced production technology, we are able to respond to the most sophisticated needs regarding the type of balloons, the type of printing and the deadline for their implementation, and all our products meet all safety and EU standards. Currently, our products are used not only by the largest business entities in Poland and in the world, but also by many individual customers.

If you have any question regarding latex balloons we produce, please contact our sales department.

Learn the technology of producing printed balloons



Print area

od 10-15 cm

Printing technology

screen printing

Number of colors

up to 8 colors

Time limit for completion

1 color up to 5/6 working days*
2 colors up to 6/7 business days*
3 and more colors up to 7/8 business days*

Latex balloons are undoubtedly the simplest and fastest method of advertising a specific company or decoration of any event. There is a lot of freedom in choosing the right design depending on the needs – from ordinary one-color balloons to individualized ones with an appropriate print, which will emphasize the character of an occasional meeting or the promotion of company services. We are convinced that we will be able to choose the right project for even the most demanding customer.

It is possible to combine up to eight colors on one balloon made by us. When it comes to the quality of workmanship, screen printing is a very durable method of printing an appropriate element on a silicone balloon by pressing an appropriate dye into it. In many aspects, this method is unmatched in the printing industry and guarantees great color vibrancy.

You have no idea how to decorate the hall for the tenth wedding anniversary? Do you want to have something that will attract the attention of contractors at trade fairs? Or maybe as the organizer of the conference you would like the participants to remember it better? What if you are organizing a sporting event and you want people passing by to show more interest? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then certainly latex balloons made fully professionally by our company will help you achieve your goal.

We offer latex balloons, which are certainly hard to miss, because the largest ones are up to 90 cm in size. If you care about high visibility, want to convey something important or simply promote your company, this is an offer for you. More standard versions are also available in sizes from 25 cm to 35 cm. For special occasions, we have also prepared a special offer – a heart-shaped balloon. An unforgettable Valentine’s Day, a declaration of love for your beloved, a romantic moment or even a larger undertaking such as organizing speed dates in a restaurant. It is worth considering this option for all kinds of events related to this unique feeling.

The order fulfillment time for latex balloons with various prints varies between 5 and 8 days and is closely related to the number of colors used in the project, and thus the level of its complexity. Each client is treated individually and all details are agreed upon when placing the order. It is worth mentioning once again that our company has the widest range of colors on the market, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full palette of shades and choose your dream color, which in the form of our balloons will decorate any interior and liven up any event.