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Flagship products

In business, there is a constant competitive struggle between companies operating in the same industry. One of the areas of activity where confrontation between entities striving for a similar market often takes place is visual advertising. A huge accumulation of banners, boards and other carriers with advertising content makes it more and more difficult to draw customers’ attention to the company’s offer. An innovative and very effective idea to appear in the minds of buyers of goods or services of a given company are various types of advertising flags. The cost of these original advertising media is not high, and the aesthetic, company winders and flags fluttering in the wind look extremely impressive. The sight of the flags contributes to the creation of a prestigious image and adds due splendor to the company. A colorful flag is a unique element of the image of the headquarters – both a small company and a corporation, office, institution, sports club, car dealership or educational institution (e.g. universities, schools, kindergartens).

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VENTO winder

Mobile advertising flag placed on portable masts, made of durable aluminum, powder coated in black. A wide selection of shapes and sizes.

Advertising flag

Advertising, event, national, city or club flags, printed on polyester material with a weight of 115 g / m2 and 130 g / m2.


Flagpoles with a stable construction, made of aluminum or fiberglass, intended for mounting advertising, state or city flags.

Advantages of advertising flags and masts

In practice, the most effective form of marketing and promotion is a concise and simple message in the form of an advertising slogan, idea or logo of a given organization. The clear graphic composition attracts the attention of passers-by as well as road users. On the surface of the advertising flags we offer, the company’s logotype, an interesting slogan and contact details can easily fit. Advertising flags fluttering on the masts and free-standing winders – they are conducive to building trust among customers, because they are a symbol of reputation and transparency. Our flags are made of high-quality materials, and thanks to specialized technology, the content and graphics placed on them are very durable. The polyester material and the print are also resistant to adverse weather conditions, and proper impregnation provides effective protection against environmental impurities. The flags are sewn with strong sailing threads or a special seam, thanks to which they fulfill their functions for many years.
As part of our comprehensive offer, we also offer stable and durable flagpoles, which, depending on the specifics of assembly and preferences, can be made of fiberglass or powder-coated aluminum. The design of this product enables its proper anchoring to the ground and safe display of advertising media (flags) even at very high heights.