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Advertising flags

Flagpoles with a stable construction, made of aluminum or fiberglass, intended for mounting advertising, state or city flags.

Winder VENTO

What are our flagpoles made of?

Masts for advertising flags are a stable advertising medium, intended for companies, offices or sales offices, e.g. developers, car dealerships, whose goal is to build a prestigious image. Our offer includes flagpoles made of fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles.

Fiberglass masts are made of one element (tube) in the form of a conical tapering towards the top. The masts are fixed in the concrete foundation on the mounting hinge. Hinged mounting facilitates assembly and allows the mast to be laid down, e.g. when performing maintenance. The screw system allows precise vertical adjustment.

Aluminum masts, depending on the height, consist of two or three aluminum pipes, pressed together by sleeves and aluminum rings. As in the case of fiberglass masts, they are installed in a concrete foundation on a mounting hinge. This allows the mast to be lowered, e.g. in the event of maintenance work. What’s more, the screw system allows for precise vertical adjustment.

Production technology at a glance


aluminum / fiberglass

Mounting method

mounting hinge on a concrete foundation

Mast positioning possible


Vertical adjustment


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