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Pneumatic advertising

A pneumatic balloon is a spectacular form of advertising, recommended for companies and brands that want to effectively mark their presence during outdoor events.

Shapes of pneumatic balloons

lightbulb -shaped balloon
balloon with a sated base
raindrop-shaped balloon
spherical balloon ( balloon ball)

Product information

Requires 230V
Compressor included
LED lighting (optional)
Fast assembly
Convenient transport bag

Application of pneumatic balloons

Pneumatic balloons are a golden promotional standard, used during mass outdoor events such as concerts, festivals or sports events. Their shape, size and versatile application allows for effective promotion of the brand or product, regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

The outdoor balloon is made of the highest quality material, polyester fabric, coated with PVC with a weight of 300 g / sq m, ensuring durability and multiple use. We offer balloons in sizes from two to 10 meters high – they can take the shape of a bulb or a ball.

In addition to full mounting accessories, you will receive LED lighting from us in the set, which will emphasize the printed inscription or your logo even more after sunset.

Over the last 25 years of dynamic development, we have developed the position of the main manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic balloons.
We have our own technologically advanced machine park, thanks to which we are able to respond to all the needs of our customers.

Currently, our solutions are used not only by the largest business entities in Poland and in the world, but also by many individual customers.

What are the balloons made of?


PVC-coated polyester fabric with a weight of 300 g/m2

Print area

up to 100%

Printing technology

UV printing

Print colors

full colour

Order processing time

from 3 working days


√ compressor √ set of ropes √ pegs √ bag √ travel √ warranty √ user manual


∼ wooden base ∼ LED lighting ∼ twilight camera ∼ advertising belt with Velcro

What sizes are available?
Height3 m4 m5 m6 m7 m8 m10 m
diameter2,10 m3,10 m4,20 m5 m5,80 m6,20 m7,70 m
Base diameter1,15 m1,40 m1,85 m2,20 m2,60 m2,80 m7,50 m
The height of the advertising strip1,10 m1,25 m1,70 m2 m2,20 m2,40 m3 m
Advertising space7,25 m211,7 m222,5 m232 m245,5 m246,7 m275 m2