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Poles, pneumatic bags

Pneumatic advertising

Pneumatic poles and bags are an easy and effective way to display the colors and name of your brand or product during an outdoor promotional event.

Product information

Requires 230V
Compressor included
Fast assembly
Convenient transport bag
Size on request

What are pneumatic poles used for?

The pneumatic advertising pole is a multifunctional information carrier, used as an addition to the company’s stand during an outdoor event. Thanks to the advanced printing technology, you will clearly mark the name and colors of the brand or product and make it easy for each customer to find your stand.

Advertising posts are made of the highest durability materials, i.e. polyester fabric coated with PVC with a weight of 300 g/m2, thanks to which they can be successfully used for a long time. Within 3 working days, we make prints with any full-color graphics. In addition, thanks to the optional LED lighting, pneumatic poles can be an effective advertising medium also after sunset.

Over the last 25 years of dynamic development, we have developed the position of a leading manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic poles and bags. We have our own technologically advanced machine park, thanks to which we are able to respond to all the needs of our customers. Currently, our solutions are used not only by the largest business entities in Poland and in the world, but also by many individual customers.


What is the production technology?


PVC-coated polyester fabric with a weight of 300 g/m2

Print area

up to 100%

Printing technology

UV printing

Print colors

full colour

Order processing time

from 3 working days


√ compressor √ set of ropes √ pegs √ hammer √ travel bag √ instruction manual √ warranty


∼ wooden base ∼ twilight camera ∼ LED lighting ∼ velcro fastening

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